Hello! I'm Lena Anani.

I'm an Arab-American comedian, writer, and voice actor who learned how to be funny at The Second City in Chicago.

My hometown is Disneyland, but I'm currently living in the Joshua Tree area because I love the desert (yes, I know there's a joke there about being an Arab who loves the desert, but I love dessert even more).

I'm navigating quarantine-life by playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, posting mediocre one-liners on Twitter, and snuggling with my dog who absolutely hates to be snuggled.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to get your parking validated on your way out.

About Me

01 — I’m a 1st generation Palestinian-American, and I can speak Arabic somewhat fluently.

02 — I love love love going to Disneyland, and yes I do have an annual pass.

03 — I’m an advocate for Body Acceptance and Health At Every Size (HAES).

04 — I studied Improv and Sketch comedy at the world famous Second City in Chicago.

05 — My favorite movie genres are Rom-Coms, Marvel MCU, and Star Wars.

06 — I’m a Minimalist who enjoys connection and experience over collecting things.

07 — I’m a Virgo Sun, Gemini Rising, and Gemini Moon. Very mercurial!

08 — I'm the author of 4 self-help books, and will probably publish more.

09 — I'm a Big Sister Mentor for the amazing Big Brother Big Sister organization.

10 — I live in the Joshua Tree area in California, aka the Unceded Indigenous Cahuilla Land.

Contact Me

Let's stay connected...

Text: 714-881-2738

Email: info@lenaloveslife.com

Twitter: @LenaAnani

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